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"Wild about dance"

Fort Mcmurray connect
May 23 2017

When the Generation Dance Studio first opened their doors back in Fort McMurray in 1999, they only had approximately 60 dancers. Over the years, they have become a household name and the GDS dancers have been seen in numerous Keyano Theatre productions, as well as in dance competitions. Today, they hold over 90 classes every week with the majority of their dancers participating in two – or more – genres.

The energized cast of Footloose The Musical. Photo Hanna Fridhed.jpg

"Permission to let loose"

your mcmurray magazine
Jan 27 2017

Walking into a dimly lit theatre, excitedly speaking in hushed voices with your thespian companions while taking your seats and watching the stage in front of you with anticipation can feel like entering a completely new world. The theatre is a world where you can travel to any place and any time, where animals can speak and furniture can dance, where we watch entire lives unfold and unravel, where Gary Oldman has won an Oscar. Here, anything is possible.

Michelle Thorne at Keyano Theatre. (Photo Hanna Fridhed).JPG


Your mcmurray magazine
oct 29 2016

When speaking of the Wood Buffalo arts community, especially about the theatre, one will almost immediately hear the name Michelle Thorne mentioned. The co-founder and Artistic Director of the independent theatre company Theatre; Just Because, veteran actor, youth theatre mentor and workshop facilitator is an influential and passionate champion for the Fort McMurray arts community. 

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Your mcmurray magazine
jul 14 2016

As I watched the fire roll over the hills of Abasand and realized it had jumped the Athabasca River, closing in on our home in Wood Buffalo, a level-headed calmness came over me. I left work and went to our two-story townhouse for what turned out to be the last time. The cat was unceremoniously stuffed into his carrier, important papers and a few mementos made their way into the trunk before I closed and locked the door – never to see our cluttered hallway again.


"2016 Top 50 Under 50"

Your mcmurray magazine
nov 28 2016

Since moving to Wood Buffalo three years ago, 30-year-old Hanna Fridhed has fallen a little more in love with this community every day. During her time here, she has been actively engaged in several different art projects and programs, including performing in shows at Keyano Theatre, performing and directing for Theatre; Just Because, as well as photographing and writing for several publications around the community.


"Announcing the 'buffys'"

Fort mcmurray connect
sept 2016

Since being established back in 2012, the Arts Council of Wood Buffalo (ACWB) have kept extremely busy. The ACWB is a social profit organization that champions investment in the arts in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. They work to raise the profile of the arts in our region and to provide support to the art community, spanning from workshops, collaborations and an artist directory, among many other things.