Crazy little thing called life

As soon as the new year began, everything started happening at once -  life is doing two hundred miles per minute and showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Since the last time I wrote - where did January even go? - I have stopped being a twenty-something girl and turned into a wise woman in her thirties (...okay, you can stop laughing now)! This was surprisingly celebrated in a galaxy far, far away! I spent the week leading up to my birthday asking if anyone wanted to go out for a drink or two - no one seemed to be keen. A little deflated I was, but happy all the same, when Kyle convinced me to go out for dinner instead. He had even constructed an elaborate plan to explain why we had to go back to the house before going out for drinks ("I forgot my wallet"). Lucky for him - or unlucky depending on your preferences - I needed to go home and ...*ahem*... powder my nose before heading out (pro-tip: when in need of said nose powdering and there is a surprise party planned for you, don't text about said needs to the surprise party organizer. Everyone there will know and make shitty jokes all night).

I have no idea what I have done to deserve such fabulous people in my life, all I know is that I'm extremely grateful that we have managed to cross paths. During my few years in this town, I've gotten to know some exceptionally passionate, compassionate, creative, inspiring, funny and fierce people who I am extremely fortunate to call my friends. This birthday celebration was a force to be reckoned with! *ba-dum-tss*

...alright, alright, I'll lay off the crappy puns.



The preparations for this year's ADFA One Act Play Festival is now well underway! I've assembled a fantastic committee, who is helping me get all the ducks in a row. The Call for Submissions are already out! Check out our Facebook page or the ADFA webpage for  more information. As our friend Tony would say, this is going to be GRRREAT!

Call for Submissions


The opening night for Fanny & Manny Tie the Knot is only a few weeks away, and the cast and crew are working tirelessly to have you squirting wine through your nose and doubled-up with laughter! This is a fundraising dinner theatre for Waypoints (formally known as the Family Crisis Society). With three weeks to go, the tables are already sold out! As I'm writing this, there are three single tickets left - if you don't mind flying solo I'd recommend you snag one of them bad boys right away!



My dear little love child, my directorial debut SCABS is also in full swing! We rehearse in living rooms, kitchens and - thanks to Theatre: Just Because - at SECPA. Every rehearsal has its own beautiful moments, challenges and laughter. I'm working with a wonderful cast, who are making new discoveries every time we meet - all of them bring something unique to the show. SCABS is now nothing like the show I had in my mind when this process started -it's a thousand times better - and for that, I thank you.

These are just the main things happening right now, there are a couple other projects that have just been confirmed, while few others are taking their first tentative steps.

Life is - as they say - pretty damn good.