And so it was Christmas

Christmas collage

This December has been full to the brim - I have been struggling to find a balance between work and projects, plays and planning - I've had that ominous feeling that I'm not quite falling behind, but that I'm never on top of things. Always running to catch up and keep pace. Never being entirely present, because my head is mapping out what needs to be done next. Writing to do lists and forgetting what I needed to get done half way through.

So I allowed myself to take Christmas off. To let it go, as a wise queen once said - to simply allow myself to sit back feel how happy I am.

I've slept in, dozed on the couch, read in the sauna, cooked and baked. Spent a lovely Christmas with the husband, celebrated with friends, skyped with family and forcefully cuddled the cat.

christmas laugh cropped

Before I return to my secret lair (also known as the sauna in our basement), I'd like to spread a little word on a new theatre project in town. If I had time, I would've loved to be a part of it, but I need to realize that there is only 24 hours in the day - whether I'd love a couple extra in there or not. Behold The Ubuntu Town Play Project!

UBUNTU TOWN is a community play project – a unique theatrical creation developed by the community for the community. Colin Funk, a professional theatre artist from Banff, Alberta, will guide the development process during the months of January and February, 2016.

The Multicultural Association is looking for 12-14 volunteers: actors and musicians from all age groups, gender and cultures to collaborate in developing this community play and in sharing stories as part of the final performance. No theatre or performance background necessary. Just a keen interest in the topic, a willingness to share your stories with others and a commitment to attending one play development workshop and four short rehearsals leading up to the performance.

If you are new to Fort McMurray or a long-term resident interested in sharing the stories of how your cultural background has shaped your experience living in this community, we would like to hear from you. Please contact the UBUNTU TOWN Community Play Project before January 7, 2016 at or 780-791-5186.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I shall go and relish in some cheer.