Life is acting up!

I took my sweet time waking up this morning, luxuriously stretching out like a starfish on the king size bed (one of the perks of having a very tall husband who enjoys his beauty rest), scratching the cat's belly, reading. Waking up slowly is even more enjoyable now that i work normal office hours - it's a treat that I'm thoroughly enjoying every time I get the chance.

These past couple of weeks has been a wild mosaic of art and commitments; Fanny & Manny rehearsals, SCABS auditions and scheduling, enjoying the local production of Night Witches, being blown away by Chelsea Hotel, getting accustomed to all the ins and outs at work and my latest endeavor (that I'm so excited about that I emit high pitched squeaks randomly throughout my day); I'm the new North Zone rep for the ADFA (Alberta Drama Festival Association)!


The ADFA is an umbrella organization for adult amateur drama activity in the province of Alberta. It's is a non-profit association, made up of individuals who have been chosen to donate their time and energy to the community theatre. The province has been divided into ten different regions. Each year the representatives from these regions organize a festival and from these festivals, one play is chosen by an adjudicator to represent each region at the Provincial One Act Festival.

The Provincial Festival is meant to be a non-competitive celebration of drama and performing arts. It provides an occasion for the coming together of all community drama groups in a festival situation. The kicker?

The Provincial Festival is held in a different region each year and in 2016 that region is - you guessed it -

Fort McMurray!

The last time the Provincials were held in town was in 2008, and I know Fort McMurray is not only ready to do it again, this city is quivering with anticipation in the starting blocks, incredibly prepared for this rush. The theatre scene in town is bursting! "What Fort McMurray theatre scene?"

Oh, this theatre scene!

Keyano Theatre Fort McMurray


As I'm writing this, part of me is feeling the sweet little twang of nostalgia in my chest. A warm feeling the color of soft orange and red. One year ago was the day after we wrapped A Christmas Carol, my first involvement with the Fort McMurray theatre community. I had no idea how much it would come to change my life here, and what it would mean to me - the vast difference between before and after. Just a measly little year. It's been an intense and passionate love affair, with it's subsequent ups-and-downs, ins-and-outs, extreme highs and very lows. The jokes, the exploration, the frustration, the soul-searching, the tears. The long hours. The doubts. The laughter. The love.

I wouldn't trade it for anything.



I have a feeling this whirlwind has just gotten started, and I have no intentions but to dive headfirst into it and see where it takes me.

You should get involved and come along on the ride!