Come, let me direct you!

LUST Hanna Fridhed YMM

Did I ever mention that theater changed my life? How important I think it is in our community? That it helps people grow happier and more sure of themselves and all that they can be? How almost everyone who tries it gets hooked? I think I've touched upon the subject of how important I believe it is to try new things, to challenge yourself and to never become a stale one-dimensional label, yes?

Here is your chance, your shot, your one opportunity that you want to capture instead of letting slip: Me and a few other talented individuals are directing our very own one act plays - and we want YOU to come and audition for them! You can be a complete rookie or a seasoned vet, it doesn't matter. I'm new to this as well, but feel confident and happy as we are all guided along the way by the fantastic mentors of Theatre; Just Because. I have chosen a Swedish play called Scabs, a play I have been in love with for years with a lot of warmth and weirdness to it.

The first time I ever stepped in front of an audition table my knees were wobbly, my palms sweaty and there was a definite tremor to my voice. Even though I knew most of the people on the other side - and I knew that the risk of them suddenly throwing rotten tomatoes at me was somewhat low (but, honestly, you never know with theater people) - I was absolutely terrified. It's hard putting yourself on the line like that, to show so much of yourself and perhaps you have never done it before and aren't even sure what to except. Don't think that you can't just because you never have, some of the greatest talents I've ever laid eyes on have no formal training, had never been on stage before - they just got up and tried!

If your curiosity is substantially peaked by now, if you're unsure but interested, there is a workshop on Saturday, focusing on audition preparation that I recommend you check out. It's not so bad, I promise - and I will only bring super soft tomatoes and aim well.

Come play with us!

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