'The zed-word. Don't say it!'

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Whenever I need a giggle these days, I watch this little snippet of me before I've had my morning coffee decked out as a twitching zombie head, hungry for Steve's brains in the new promo video for The Good Survivor (full video at the bottom). Not that I need to look very hard for reasons to smile, as giggles come easy these days; there is my new job as Community Animator for United Way, the first few flurries of snow and the theatre galore that is coming up in the next few weeks. Since happiness is a thing of suddenness and firework, never to be mistaken for contentedness, lets relish in it while we can, shall we? Let's quote some Kurt, as is tradition.

Kurt Vonnegut

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqnMqDocCUE]