My Friday Wishlist


I am not the kind of person to wish a lot. Seriously, I'm not yanking your spooky Halloween chain here. I dream, of course, day dream and fantasize and generally try to imagine different things, alternate paths - but I rarely simply wish for something unless it's something I can work towards making reality.

Speaking of which... right now, these two are on my wish list:



The local filmmakers are at it again! This time, they have entered into the short film competition at Storyhive, pitching their film The Good Survivor:

“A human story in an inhuman world” The world has ended and only a few scattered survivors scavenge an undead land. Dylan, a young man with cerebral palsy, was not built for these times but tries to show he’s not a burden to Steve, his travel companion. When Steve is left unable to protect Dylan or himself, it is up to Dylan to prove that he can be the good survivor.

Starring: Dylan Thomas, Steve Reeve, Dave Boutilier and Ashley Laurenson

“We plan on shooting this film in Fort McMurray AB and appreciate all the local help and support to getting this story told. There are daily behind the scenes and promo videos that will be released between now and November 9th.” – Tito Guillen

- Arts Council Wood Buffalo

The Good Survivor Fort McMurray YMM Storyhive


Melba Adam Amazing Race Canada YMM

This amazing duo landed the dream job with Woods Canada and have subsequently spent five months exploring, hiking and climbing their way across Canada. Now, they are continuing on the same path, taking it to the next lever: they are applying for The Amazing Race!

Only knowing Melba, but following hers and Adam's journey with great gusto, I honestly can't think of a better couple to cheer for. Their personalities shine through in their videos, which are funny and engaging while being educational and inspiring; they try new things, take risks, go the extra mile - all while wearing either a huge smile or a goofy grin.

Check out their hash to the tags and share their stuff to help them reach the top applicants: ‪#‎AmazingRaceMelbaAdam‬ @theamazingracecanada‪ #‎amazingracecanada‬ #melbaadam

Now, my dearly beloved likers, lovers and laughing lackeys, I'm off for a long nice walk in the woods with a couple of puppies before a day filled with a ton of fun stuff to do (seriously, is it possible to be this busy with worthwhile yet fun stuff? IT IS!) so I will ponder your predicaments later.

On to Sherwood Forest!