Ahoy, matey! ...and other pirate jokes

Hanna Fridhed YMM

This week has been so full of turmoil. of endings and new beginnings and choices that my head feels as if it's doing laps around the planet all by itself. It ended interestingly as well; after a delicious brunch down at the Legion in Waterways I decided to pop by the ER on the way home. You know, just for fun!

Actually, not fun at all. For a couple of weeks my eye has been red and irritated, I assumed it was stress or that I'd been less than careful when handling my contacts. Either way, nothing I haven't dealt with before. But it got worse and worse.. and worse. Light started to be painful, it was crying all on its own (it had nothing to do with not getting a callback for Into The Woods - I swear!) and by the time I was finished stuffing my face with eggs and cheesecake I could barely open it.

It turns out I have something called iritis, an inflammation of the iris that if left untreated can lead to a whole batch of vile things. Luckily, it's definitely treatable - I am now wearing a fabulously fashionable eye patch and have to make a quick detour down to Edmonton tomorrow to see a specialist.

At least, I get to spend my evening annoying the husband with all sorts of pirate jokes.

Who be the pirate's favorite lightning lord? Beric DondARRion!

...I'll show myself out.

HIMYM Marshall Pirate GIF