A Few Good Men: Intermission


Today is a well needed Sunday. A period between sentences, an inhale before speaking. For a couple of weeks, almost every night has been spent at the theater, almost every day filled with projects. It's been great - fantastic even - but I need today to be a Sunday. To recharge and reconsider, to reload and reset for tomorrow when I start my new job, for Wednesday when the first of the final four A Few Good Men performances begins. Also, yesterday's "just one beer" rendered me white girl wasted... so there's that.

Opening night's show was intense and exciting, as it should be. There was some problems with sound; the computer flipped us the bird right as the show was about to start and we had to work with some odd sound levels and ques. The cast handled it like professionals, even I hardly noticed that there was something wrong. Yesterday's show, however, was on FIRE. It was quick-paced, sizzling, intriguing and witty - it had an extra something, it left me breathless! I'm so proud of this production, of everyone who's been working so hard to make it what it is.

Fort McMurray Keyano Theatre A Few Good Men

"The plot is brought to life by strong performances from the assembled cast. Fort McMurray born-and-raised local Brodie Dransutavicius projects a magnetic persona as the fast-talking, witty Kaffee. Diana Moser, as Galloway, provides a classic foil to Kaffee with her granular attention to detail and frequent outrage as his lack of the former.

Crisp, convincing performances by the other actors set a tone of real struggle between civilian societal values, and the military values defended as necessary in a dangerous battleground."

"A Few Good Men packs a punch and is a highly entertaining and entrancing two hours of theatre."

Russell Thomas, middleagebulge.com

The show resumes next week, running from Wednesday the 7th to Saturday the 10th. Tickets are available at the Keyano webpage or at their Box Office.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be in the sauna reading Harry Potter. Why? Because I can, that's why.