A Few Good Men: The Moment

Wednesday night ended on a downward spiral, and it kept right on spiraling throughout most of Thursday morning and afternoon. I was irritable, tetchy and all around an unpleasant piece of person to be around. It got a bit better later on, but the underlying feeling of general shittiness persisted. And then, it happened. Unicorns flew in carrying kittens with fluffy paws, rainbow colored Vikings made it rain candy and I - I had a Moment.


We left the rehearsal hall last Saturday, returning on Wednesday to start putting the final puzzle pieces together: getting the play up and running on the actual stage - a stage full of steps and pillars and things that move around, people included. I usually love the first day on stage, feeling tingles up and down my legs, being all giddy with excitement. This time, I couldn't even muster a decent 'whoop' when I saw the astonishing set that had been built. Somewhere in Valhalla, my ancestors were gravely disappointed in me. I was disappointed in me, too.

Then, somewhere near the end of act 1, I walked out towards my position at the end of a platform, passing through a couple of pillars as I was doing so. Halfway through a deep breath in, right as I stepped onto the other side, the world looked different. Little shivers started running up and down my thighs, I smiled like an idiot - the eagle had landed! The stage feels like a whole new world again.

As we ran through act 2, knowing full well that we still have a lot of hard work left to do, I felt incredibly proud over the cast and crew, how they're creating and expanding these characters, making them vivid and interesting and fascinatingly human, how the feeling of the play is mirrored by the set. This weekend, and next week too for that matter (OPENING NIGHT IS IN A WEEK! AAH!), will be extremely intense, starting with a full run through tonight followed by nine and ten hour days. I'm looking forward to it with relish!

Only one thing has me down at this point; due to our long rehearsal hours, we will be missing out on most of Alberta Culture Days 2015. So much art will be created and showcased over the weekend, with everything from improv theater sports with Thunder Struck, puppetry, art exhibitions, calligraphy, the Fort Mac Hand Crafted Market as well as the Fall Trade Show and The World Meets In Wood Buffalo, just to name a few! Tonight, you have the opportunity the see one of my favorite shows, the award winning Mountain Top by and with Pattie Dwyer and The Most Massive Woman Wins with its incredibly talented cast, directed by Michelle Thorne. If I could, I would go and see it again and again and again, but since I will be ten-hutting and marching around, you will have to enjoy it in my stead. It's free, amazing and one night only! I'm so jealous that you get to go and see it, and even more so if you are to experience it for the very first time.