Grouchy McGrouch

Darlings x Ladies Fort McMurray

There seems to be a rubber band stretched around my head, not causing me pain - but creating tension and irritation. Frustration too, when the things I love are draining my energy instead of replenishing it, when everything is a mountain to climb and I'm a grouchy five year old who doesn't wanna walk no more, damnit! I just wanna sit here with a pouty lip and stare at the leaves changing. Flying a couple people over from Sweden would be alright, too.

This feeling of isolation and irritation is just fleeting - it has made its rounds before and will undoubtedly make its rounds again. It's okay, not everything is rainbows and glitter farting butterflies at all times. Until it passes and my energy levels allows me to do more than one thing at the time ("Walking and interacting? Are you crazy, woman? xoxo Body"), lets cheer this post up a bit with a pretty picture of me taken by Vanessa with Vintage Blossoms Photography and one from Saturday's improv show, by Sean Mclennan. It was taken on a ridge in the Rocky Mountains, where we were wrestling t-shirtless, approximately two seconds before I started knitting poor Norms chest hair. Obviously.