Testing, testing! ...and a bunch of jokers

I was hoping to write something noteworthy today, something inspiring. Something... spiffy. But, to put it bluntly, that shit ain't happening. Not after having left half my blood supply (okay it was like 10-15 little vials BUT IT FELT LIKE A LOT OKAY?) for testing and getting a nice radioactive shot this morning (supernatural powers commencing any second now #originaljoke) followed by a bone scan and another set of x-rays. Any sort of wisdom I may have possessed has gone the way of the dodo.

I need some energy for tonight, when Dan Tulks new music video is being shot and then again tomorrow when I get to work with Wood Buffalo Productions on a new short for United Way. This requires a nap and some cheese, because I'm classy like that (WHAT A HARD LIFE I LEAD!).

Another super-hard-absolutely-not-extremely-hilarious part of my life is Thunder Struck Improv, as I have mentioned before. The Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show wraps up this Sunday, August 23rd (wait... is summer seriously almost already over?) at Paddy's. Justin is about to leave us to go back to a small town on the east coast (Montreal? Have you heard of it? Me neither. Weird name). But fear not! Thunder Struck will keep striking! (Ba-da-bom-tss!)

This entire post is actually just an excuse so that I can show you this interview on Shaw TV with Justin and the newly-groomed Zach, giving you a tiny taste of the awesomeness that is this improvising group of people! . [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fvYBjId_AY]

Don't forget! Thunder Struck Improv training is open to anyone over 16+, free of charge!

See you there!

...now for that nap.

Thunder Struck Improv Wrath of Shaw