New York; a picture avalanche


You know what? New York stinks. I mean literally; everywhere you go on Manhattan your olfactory senses are assaulted by the sweet bouquet of sewer, urine, garbage, feces, sweat, exhaust and a million other interesting things. Sometimes it's overpowering, sometimes no more than a slight whiff. The smell of garbage and urine. This is the only negative thing I can say about my week spent in New York City - and quite frankly - I didn't even mind it a whole lot. Not at all, really..

Washington Square Park Time Square  Book of Mormon .

I'll level with you - I love New York. If I could, I would move there in a heartbeat. Faster even, if the time/space continuum would allow it. We did a fair amount of 'touristy things'; Broadway, Time Square, Chelsea Market, Shakespeare in Central Park, caught the Blue Jays whipping some Yankee butt. Listened to live jazz, met a man writing poetry on demand when walking the Highline and felt hipsterish at the Kevin Smith Q&A in Brooklyn. Tried every single craft beer we could get our thirsty hands on. .

Manhattan Skyline. All of these things were brilliant. Amazing. Mind blowing. My favorite thing above all? Simply walking around, looking at houses, finding alleyways and odd bars. Trying the plethora of delicious food offered (subsequently gaining enough to make my clothes uncomfortably tight - and not giving a flying fuck about waistlines). Breathing in that pungent smell and being happy with every single fiber of my being.


Brooklyn Badass Central Park Washington Square Park. There will be a "Top 5 Things To Do In New York City" blog in the future, with some specific areas and restaurants and general tips and tricks on what to do when there, but for now I need to catch up with my own thoughts (and pile of laundry).

To New York, I say as a wise man once told me I'LL BE BACK. .

East Village