Time and that thing it does on Thursday afternoons

This week seems to have no concept of time what so ever, speeding up and slowing down, moving fast while taking forever. Time does that, I suppose. A year ago feels like yesterday and forever ago simultaneously.

Not only does time move strangely, but everything can happen in a year. A month, a minute, a day. A ten year plan or prognosis doesn't seem to be applicable to life, too much changes too fast - while some things remain more solid.

A little over a year ago I got married, ten years ago I graduated high school, ten months ago I could hardly stand this town and the loneliness and uselessness I felt. Five months ago I couldn't figure out how to get in front of a camera without making a silly face. This has all changed - to the extent that I almost have forgotten what it felt like before, unless I focus hard on remembering. All of a sudden, friendships I thought were still new are just shy of a decade old, others go even beyond that.

This week is life in miniature. Or perhaps just life itself. Whatever it is, it's pretty damn good. As usual, Vonnegut said it best: so it goes.

sunset shoot 2Unedited sneak peek of yesterday's sunset shoot with Steve Newman of Sapphire Photography.