The suddenness of FKA Twigs



I was shamefully googling celebrities a couple of months ago - a guilty pleasure of mine. An artist I've never heard of before appeared on my screen: FKA Twigs (supposedly the name 'Twigs' was already spoken for, so she added the abbreviation for 'formerly known as', Prince style). She is a British singer, songwriter, producer and dancer and at first I mostly enjoyed her sense of style, her music didn't sit quite right with me. It felt... odd. Too small or big or weirdly shaped to fit into my neatly organized musical brain departments.


Yet, I couldn't stop playing it. I closed my eyes and started breathing, and suddenly I didn't hear the music properly anymore - I felt it. It tingled in my fingertips, vibrated in my chest, calmed my thoughts. This is what Tibetan gongs and peaceful flute music is meant to do to you when you are meditating, I suppose. Or something similar, I'm quite new to it, honestly.

My point is, this is music I never enjoyed before, and it helped me enjoy exploring something fairly new to me. Something that I would've sneered at a few years ago. Said 'it's not for me' and 'it's silly'. My point is, letting go of our belief of what we are so that we can experience all of what is ourselves can be amazing. To actively work against the thought of "this is what and all that I am" - to allow yourself to explore all facets of what you are.

Sometimes, just let it happen. Breathe through the tiny voice saying that something amazing isn't for you, because somewhere along the way someone - it might've been yourself - convinced you that this was something outside of your grasp.

You never know what will inspire you.

Just sometimes, listen to music you never enjoyed before. Go somewhere you have never been. You have no idea what will happen.