Merrymaking in the medication mist

The last week has gone by in a daze. I finally had enough of the ham-foot on Tuesday and ended up going to the hospital. The doctor there diagnosed me with an infection and put me on IV antibiotics straight away. I now need to go to the hospital every morning (fingers crossed today will be the last!) to get hooked up to my little bag of sweet foot-ham decreasers. I'm really happy that the treatment seems to working and that I can walk almost normally again for a couple of hours every day, but the drugs aren't agreeing with me one bit. Everyday is passing by in a blur of dizziness and nausea, my head feeling so light it might just float away. I usually end up taking a five hour nap, waking up and trying to socialize before crashing again a few hours later. The only time of day I feel human is while having my morning coffee.


This whole experience has made me slightly wary of doctors and their all-encompassing knowledge of the human body. Doctor number 1 at the after hours clinic had no clue what he was looking at, doctor number 2 (D1's supervisor) offhandedly told that I had sprained my ankle, no matter how many times I told him where it hurt and how it started. A week later, doctor number 3 gave me three minutes of his precious time before exclaiming that it was with all probability gout ( I look 85 to you?), while doctor number 4 at least put me on the right medication. However, it took until the next day before a lovely nurse finally explained what was going on, that it wasn't all that uncommon, asked if I had any questions and even gave me crutches without me asking for them.

Note to just not myself: second opinions are good.

canada day

At least I was able to celebrate my first Canada Day as a Canadian resident - HUZZAH! Part one of the merrymaking only lasted for about twenty minutes before they had to take me home and put me to bed, but in the evening I felt well enough to join them by the pool. I'm celebrating properly by slowly putting together my poor, overlooked resume for a few opportunities I've found around town. I can't wait to work again!


It's medication time, baby! See you in the haze.