Fun in Fort Mac: Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show

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The foot that started hurting a couple of weeks ago and swelling on Monday has yet to stop. I have no clue what might be causing it, besides perhaps a damaged tendon or a sprained ankle (but how? HOW! You think one would remember something like that, right? Like, falling down the stairs or into a hole or something. But nein, niente, nothing!). The only things that seems to be helping is constant icing and staying off of it. I've got the icing part down pat, having developed a decent rotation so that there is always something in the freezer that can chill my poor ham. However, I'm horrible at the "staying off of it" part, especially as this has been one of those fun filled energetic weekends you wake up from feeling exhausted and energized from at the same time.

Luckily for me (and less luckily for my ham) - the weekend isn't even over yet! Tonight is the Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show at Tavern on Main, filled with some of the best entertainers in this town. Hopefully I'll be able to get on stage with them sometime in the future and make all of ya'll holler with mirth - but as for now, sitting back, enjoying beer, friends and laughter doesn't sound like a horrible time at all.

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I'll see you there!