A freshly squeezed resident


I almost can't believe it! After 18 months of waiting, paper work, more paper work, waiting, medical examinations and waiting topped with a bit of extra paper work - I am finally a permanent resident of Canada! I can work and attend school and frolic through meadows holding the Sasquatch's hand! HUZZAH!


While in Edmonton, we decided to go see the quarterfinals of the World Cup between the US and Colombia. T'was, as the historians will say, a good time.


Unfortunately, my right foot and leg/butt/back has been acting strange the last week with too much aches and pains for my liking. Yesterday morning the foot started swelling, and then swelling some more, leaving me with a glorious cankle. Don't worry, it's all some sort of sprain, hopefully getting fixed by anti-inflammatory pills, ice packs, elevation and all that jazz. At least it wasn't a blood clot: every BC eating woman's fear.


I'll celebrate tonight with tea, some WCSG2015 scheduling and general battery recharging.  Eh.