The Odd Couple



Tonight, the last show of the Stage 2 Series at Keyano Theater opens - The Odd Couple, directed by Russell Thomas! I've been looking forward to this for months, knowing what talented people have been involved in the process and having always laughed at the antics of Felix and Oscar (the protagonists of the play). Personally, I have a very soft spot for the recital theater in which the production takes place. It's a smaller space than the main stage, with an unadorned feeling, presenting an opportunity to focus on the performers and not all the scenery. It reminds me a bit of my old theater back home, which closely resembled a black box with one side taken off. There were no wings, no large backstage area, just a stage with a small door in the back corner leading to the cramped but lovely makeup room. In my experience, such a stage often leads to raw and stripped down performances - which I absolutely love. Still, the recital theater at Keyano is much larger, with better tech and more seats than my old theater, but the feeling lingers.

I'm very excited to see the transformation that has happened there tonight and to let go for a couple of hours and allow myself to simply be entertained by these amazing performers!

The Odd Couple opens tonight at 8 PM, with shows Friday and Saturday. You can get tickets either at the Keyano Box Office or by clicking here.

Odd Couple