Goodnight Ladies: It's a wrap!


"Well, Superman!" Brodie having a peek during our final dress reharsal. Photo: Sean Mclennan.

Our little shop of laughter wrapped on Saturday night to standing ovations and joyful outbursts from audience members. We poured all of our energy into this farce of ours over the last couple of weeks, meaning that the almost inevitable post-show blues and fatigue subsequently has set in. However, it's a content sort of feeling. A happy - albeit tired - one. I've had a great time being part of this cast, and been able to improve a little bit with every performance thanks to their talents. I will miss it, am already yearning to be back on-stage, but more than anything, I'm extremely excited for future projects that are already being discussed and planned! Also, doing the laundry. I'm running low on all sorts of garments.

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Backstage snaps!

Today has been a relaxing kind of day and my plans for leaving the house (or even the bed) were slim to nil, until I remembered that the Peace Warriors Festival was wrapping up this weekend as well. Since I didn't want to miss it completely, I had a most glorious shower (no more hair spray, fake eye lashes or heavy makeup for a while - jippiekayay!) and headed down. Awesome decision, I ended up spending some quality time with the fierce and fabulous Michelle and got to chat briefly with Heather Thomas - hopefully I'll be able to attend one of her meditation workshops in the future!

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One thing's for certain, I'm staying away from girdles for a while.