Goodnight Ladies: Opening night is upon us!

I've monarchs, goliath birdwings, painted ladies and peacock butterflies all a-fluttering in my stomach. It's all the good kinds of tingly and excited, all exclamation marks and happy dances around the house (she says and finishes the sentence with a period).

nappeGoodnight Ladies has been featured in the local media leading up to tonight, with an article in Fort McMurray Today, an interview with stage manager Steph Link on Country 93.3 and of course, my favorite, a scene from the show and interviews with the eloquent Seth Lavigne and Lisa Kempenaar!


We had preview night yesterday, which is our last rehearsal where an audience is invited to be a part of the final step of our process. Having an actual audience, who has never seen the show or read the script, changes everything. The lines you've repeated over and over again for weeks all of a sudden become jokes again, you have to stop and breathe through the audience's laughter and - at least for me - focus very hard not to laugh myself at some of my hilarious co-actors antics. I'm delirious with joy as we finally get to share this fantastic funny farce with you!

I love this. I love this so much.


Tickets! Get yer tickets 'ere!