IMAG4923Here we have two of the masterminds behind GNL;director Claude Giroux and stage manager Steph Link.

The ladies (and gentlemen) are finally ready to enter the Turkish bath as the cast and crew get ready for tech week, starting today. The cast will grace the stage for the first time on Wednesday, running the whirlwind that is the second act. Moving from the rehearsal hall to the actual stage is game changer which presents a bundle of new challenges, including (but not limited to) "how do I get from there to there, while skipping, without falling flat on my face?", really giving you the idea of how loud you actually need to be for the audience in the back rows to hear you and - my personal favorite - "can the front row see right up my skirt?".

IMAG4925Mr. Mike Bonner (Brodie Dransutavicius) and Marie (Misty Oakes).

To me, the actual stage always seems to have a certain buzz of energy, regardless of how many people are in the seats. The change of location might throw us for a loop, having spent a solid month getting accustomed to the ins-and-outs of the rehearsal hall, and having stairs and walls existing simply as nice little tape markings on the floor - not actual stairs you have to avoid falling down and walls to bump into. However, I think all of us are ready to take this to the next level and beyond. We are ready to take on the stage, to walk it and run it and make it ours. We are ready for that energy buzz. Are you?

IMAG4926 IMG_0315 The tantalizing Ms Labouche (Rosina Ilg) Mrs Tarleton (Tammie Austin), Alicia (yours truly) and Mrs Kitty Bonner (Lisa Kempenaar) in their finest attire.

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