First off, my cat is fully capable of taking nice selfies - he just refuses to do so with me. Typical teenager, eh?

Luckily, not everyone is as opposed to being caught on camera with me. Meet Kelsey and Lisa, two of the lovely ladies I'm fortunate enough to be acting alongside of in Goodnight Ladies. It dawned on me during rehearsals yesterday that opening night is only a measly couple of weeks away and that we are now entering the intense final stages of rehearsing; trying on wardrobe (our head of wardrobe, Melissa, had the doubtful pleasure of watching me struggle into aforementioned girdle and matching 1950's bra), getting accustomed to the set pieces (glasses has been known to go flying on a regular basis, quote our stage manager Steph; "this is why actors aren't allowed anything but plastic glasses!") and finding the nuances of our characters and their relationships.

IMAG4847I usually get home post-rehearsal sweaty and exhausted, but extremely happy. During every rehearsal new discoveries are made, more laughs found and some great character development done. The fast pace of the play itself is definitely mirrored in the rehearsal process. It's about to get even more intense, with opening night coming ever closer - I recommend you get your tickets stat! This really is a show you don't want to miss - yesterday evening I laughed so hard I cried a little bit at one point, something that has happened several times now, even though I know both the script and set so well. It doesn't matter, this cast and crew will likely have me in fits all the way until closing night on May 3rd.10999562_10153124732155155_7011694585294264786_n

You can get your tickets on Keyanos webpage or by swinging by the box office. Come and let us entertain you!


Keyano College Foundation, Partners & Friends Presents Good Night Ladies

Comedy / Farce by Cyrus Wood Directed by Claude A. Giroux

The story of a young college girl hopelessly in love with a college professor – who has a phobia of women! Hilarity ensues as the characters fill a Turkish bathhouse with absurdity and audaciousness.

Date(s):  April 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, May 1, May 2