redw4Why so serious?

I'm hardly ever that serious, I can assure you, but when the photographer asks for the death stare, you give her the death stare (even though she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet). For example, during the first weekend of May I'm teaching a workshop at the Peace Warriors: Health and Wellness Festival! What kind of workshop, you ask? A workshop in the very serious business of playing - of course! At 4.45 on Sunday May 3rd I will talk about the mental, spiritual and physical benefits of playing and of letting yourself go during "The Art of Play". It's an active and interactive workshop, where you participate both in discussion and play time, so bring your comfortable clothes and come play with me!

peacewEven if you can't make it to my workshop, this is a festival that needs to be checked out! So many amazing workshops, vendors and of course, the guest speaker Chris Koch. Come and experience yoga, clean eating/cooking, business and women’s workshops, children’s yoga, market, food, merchandise, arts and crafts, theater and music!