I picked up the latest issue of YMM Magazine when leaving Mac Island last night and planned on having a leisurely evening read, since the headlining story this month was about Keyano Theater, a place I have grown extremely fond of over the last few months. To my pretty big surprise, there I was, smack dab in the middle of Russell Thomas' piece about how community theater strengthens both communities and families. It was a pleasant surprise, and I can't help but to agree with Russell's words. The community theater has come to make all the difference for me here, it has given me a creative outlet, new friends and acquaintances, encouraged me to learn new ways of expression and allowed me to try new mediums.

ymm mag

My solid belief is that everyone should dabble in theater, be it on or off stage, tentatively or with a fierce passion, as a beginner or a pro, young or old. Everyone should try it. Theater, acting, the arts can be an amazing release and fulfillment, it bonds you to others and lets you explore the different aspects of yourself - it challenges you and sometimes your worldviews. Theater removes you, brings you closer, makes you feel or allows us to disconnect. For me, it is also a way to be able to play again, to momentarily rid myself of pretension and demands, let my body and voice find new ways of being and make a fool of myself. As you might have guessed, warm-up games are a personal favorite, with Royalty & Monster high on the list. I can teach you how to play, if you'd like.

A friend once said that the most magical moment for her when going to see a show was the seconds before the curtain rises, the deep breath before the plunge - at that very moment, the show can be anything.

(And sometimes, we're able to let it)

Right now, Keyano is looking for some help backstage during Goodnight Ladies, seeking a dresser (this involves helping me into a girdle - doesn't that sound exhilarating?) and a sound OP's person - if you're interested, email stephanie.link@keyano.ca for more information!