IMG-20150308-WA0017Photo by JKPeters Photography

I've been busy these last few weeks, keeping the fluffy mama's boy entertained and well-cuddled (as if I have a choice in the matter)...

IMG-20150305-WA0057 IMG-20150305-WA0043 IMAG4553

...exploring Jasper, their amazing ice falls, elk and deerts, enjoying the decent snow atop Marmot and finishing the trip off in Powderking, BC visiting friends I hadn't seen since Australia (almost a decade ago, inconceivable!)...


(they had sun!)

IMAG4568_1 IMAG4561

...and getting the opportunity to work creatively, doing photoshoots with Jen, exploring my reluctance of being recorded/hearing my own voice by doing voicework for CRY (opens next Friday, you can get tickets here) and finally - FINALLYI'MSOEXCITED! - starting rehearsals for Goodnight Ladies. The script is funny, the cast and crew fun and the process fast-paced and upbeat. I'm lovin' this.